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CDR Business Diagnostics is a client centred research firm specializing in organizational diagnostic services to clients worldwide. While we are incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, we leverage modern digital technology to its fullest in order to provide service to clients wherever we are needed and wherever there is a reliable internet connection. We work with mid- to large-sized organizations, whether public, private, or non-profit.

Our Vision: Healthy and effective clients with a strong competitive edge.

At CDR Business Diagnostics, we believe that the best decisions are informed decisions, based on factual evidence, sound methodology, and an objective lens. We believe that all organizations can benefit from increased knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, and a better understanding of how their organizational dimensions interact.Using our Organization Diagnostic Instrument (ODI), we implement a comprehensive survey of your structures, culture, management and more, and provide a focused analysis of what may be holding you back or even putting you at risk as an organization.

Organization Development is our specialty and our passion. And we can guarantee that we do our homework! We incorporate the best in business research from around the globe to help our clients achieve their optimal organizational health. Because at the end of the day, we know that Organizational Health = Satisfied and Committed People = Better Business Performance.

Collegiate Digital Resources was founded in 2012 by Dr. Richard Brown, an experienced practitioner of organizational development, with well over 15 years of public and private sector experience. Dr. Brown holds a doctorate in business from Charles Sturt University, along with a masters, bachelors and associates degrees from a number of other universities and institutes.

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