Is Something Holding You Back?

Do you feel something may be wrong in your organization? Have you lost high quality clients or employees, but are not sure why? Have you failed to meet your business objectives or profitability targets? Do you feel that your organization could be so much more effective and efficient than it currently is? Business diagnostics can help.

How healthy is your business?

Even relatively minor problems in your business systems can significantly lower employee engagement, productivity and profitability over time. The fact is that organizations can get sick or injured just like people, and the impact is the same – loss of performance.

It’s Time For a Checkup

Our Organization Diagnostic Instrument (ODI) provides owners and professional managers with an objective lens for assessing the critical strengths and weaknesses in their business. It will quickly identify any issues that may be causing problems and lowering performance. Contact us today to help maximize your potential.

Who Benefits the Most from Business Diagnostics

Building a Business – If you are building a business, you need to know how well your internal systems and processes are working. As any organization grows, it becomes more complex. It develops in ways that you may have never considered. Each unique internal system has likely been modified over time, often in response to some outside force or pressure.  Do these systems still work well together as a whole? Do they all support each other? Do they support the ultimate purpose of your organization? The information gained from our business diagnostics approach can identify conflicts and incompatibilities that may be costing you money.

Buying a Business – Buying a business, or even substantially investing in one, is always a risky proposition. Looking at historical financial statements will give you what you need to know in terms of sales, earnings, assets, costs and overall profitability. But, does the human resource system work? Are internal communications effective and do they meet business needs? Is the organization structured in a way that is efficient and enables staff to do their jobs well? Knowing these and other dimensions tested by our business diagnostics system could save you hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars.  Who would buy a house without a home inspection, or a used car without a vehicle inspection?

Selling a Business – If you want to sell a business, being able to clearly and objectively articulate its core strengths and weaknesses to a potential buyer can add substantially to the final price you receive in the market. Using the information supplied by our business diagnostics system, you may be able to significantly increase the sale price of your business. Being able to sit across from a buyer with a full diagnostic report of your company’s internal health may not only increase your value proposition, but can also enhance full disclosure, potentially saving you legal issues at a later date.

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